Rug Detail

Qum (Signature Jamshidi)


Mohammad Jamshidi, Located In Qum, Which Is Famous For Its Production Of Good Silk Carpets, Is An Eminent Atelier With An Established, High Status In Less Than No Time By Their Second-to-none Quality, Superior Weaving Technology, And Novel Designs, And Greatly Contributed To Popularizing The Attraction Of Silk Carpets All Over The World. Their Works Are Beautiful When Seen From A Distance, Make You Sigh Upon A Closer Look, And Make You Want To Rub Your Cheek When You Touch The Smoothness. The Design Of This Carpet Is A Copy Of Pazyryk Carpet. When Russian Archeologist Sergi Rudenko Discovered The So Called "Pazyryk Carpet" In 1949 In The 5th Kurgan In Altai Mountains In South Siberia, He Never Thought This Could Change The Course And The History Of Carpet Making And Its Related Studies In The World. Although Rudenko Thought This Carpet Was Made In Achaemenid Persia Due To Its Design And The Resemblance Of Its Horse Riders And Its Other Motifs To The Bas-reliefs Of Persepolis In South West Iran, There Has Been Many Debates And Controversies About The Origin Of This Carpet.This Carpet Was Woven In The Iron Age, About 400-500 Years Before Jesus Christ Was Born. This Design Could Have Not Been Transferred From Someone's Head And Imagination To The Loom. There Must Have Been A Cartoon (depicted Design) Or At Least A Sampler For The Weaver To Follow. There Are Few Repeated Motifs Such As Fallow Deer, Horse, Four-rayed Star, And Griffin. This Rug Is Full Of Mysteries And As I Was Researching And Studying About It, Many Questions Came To My Mind. Let Me Mention And Share Some Of Them:

size: 10' X 13'
quality: Exceptionally Fine
country: Iran
material: Silk
foundation: Silk
design: Copy of Pazyryk Carpet
knots: Asymmetric (Persian)
retail: $45000