Rug Detail

Afshar (Antique)


Antique Afshar Rugs From The 19th Century Are Characterized By Their Unusually And Consistently High Quality Of Craftsmanship And Wool. Colors Are Virtually Always Heavily Saturated: Deep Indigo, Carnelian, Saffron And Ochre Tones Predominate, Giving A Robust, Vigorous Character To Their Designs. While Complex Repeating All-over Designs Are Prevalent, Afshar Weavers Also Drew Upon Southern Persian Carpet Imagery, With Boteh Motifs, Shrub And Occasionally "Tree Of Life" Compositions Also Encountered. Kurdish Influences Are Evident In Angular Medallion Format Rugs, As Well As In The General Spontaneity Encountered In Several Original Flower And Bird Designs.[5][6] Afshar Rugs Are Virtually Always Found In The Area Size Format, Ranging In Size From 3 Ft X 4 Ft To 4-5 Ft X 7 Ft. Larger Room Size Pieces Are Extremely Seldom Encountered.[7] Longer Corridor Carpets (5 Ft X 10 Ft) Are Occasionally Found, As Are The Small Mats And Bag Faces Consistent With Their Nomadic Tribal Heritage.

size: 4'9" X 7'0"
country: Iran
material: Wool
foundation: Wool
design: Floral
retail: $7500