Mohammad Jamshidi, Located In Qum, Which Is Famous For Its Production Of Good Silk Carpets, Is An Eminent Atelier With An Established, High Status In Less Than No Time By Their Second-to-none Quality, Superior Weaving Technology, And Novel Designs, And Greatly Contributed To Popularizing The Attraction Of Silk Carpets All Over The World. Their Works Are Beautiful When Seen From A Distance, Make You Sigh Upon A Closer Look, And Make You Want To Rub Your Cheek When You Touch The Smoothness.
The Design Of This Carpet Is A Copy Of Pazyryk Carpet.
When Russian Archeologist Sergi Rudenko Discovered The So Called

Qum (Signature Jamshidi)

10' X 13'
Retail Price: 0
Sale Price: 0


10'0" X 14'0"
Retail Price: 5500
Sale Price: 4800


6'5" X 9'6"
Retail Price: 1900
Sale Price: 1200


8' X 11'
Retail Price: 1800
Sale Price: 1250


6'11" X 10'6"
Retail Price: 9000
Sale Price: 7500


8' X 10'
Retail Price: 1800
Sale Price: 1000


8' X 11'
Retail Price: 2500
Sale Price: 1800


8' X 10'
Retail Price: 1400
Sale Price: 700


8' X 12'
Retail Price: 3200
Sale Price: 1800


8' X 11'
Retail Price: 3500
Sale Price: 2100